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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chicken in Napa

Chickensinthegarden blogger Kris went to Napa for her birthday yesterday and found a giant chicken. This photo was snapped outside Wilson's Feed & Supply in Napa.  We celebrated by buying some laying feed and cracked corn and then onto a lovely lunch at Ubuntu, the fine vegetarian restaurant in downtown Napa.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Persimmons, Again!

A tray full of Hachiya persimmons...
Our tree is bountiful again this year. I picked these persimmons a bit early. They will get a richer color orange and then soft ("like a water balloon") so that I can use them to make cookies and persimmon bread. I also have been slicing them while they are still hard and drying them in my dehydrator. They make wonderful dried fruit.

I wish I had planted a Fuyu because I like to use those persimmons in fresh salads (you can eat Fuyus while they are still hard but Hachiyas are far too stringent to eat when hard).  But there is room in our yard for an additional fruit tree, isn't there?