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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not too much longer...almost Spring!

Here it is, last week in February.  We've had a dry week, but now the rains are starting up again.  Our apricot tree is starting to bloom, as is the peach tree.  The plum trees look about to burst into bloom and I hope that that happens during a dry spell so the blooms can be pollinated and we can have a large harvest like most years.

The fava bean plants look so happy in the winter garden.  The ones I planted earlier are tall and blooming. The shorter ones seem to have growth spurts every few days. The garlic, too, looks happy. We are eating salads out of our garden every several days. The broccoli plants are also producing. The avocado tree (Bacon) was very prolific this year, and the meyer lemons look ready to pick for meyer lemon sorbet and marmalade. I've still been making blood orange marmalade in small batches, and we are juicing our oranges every several days, and giving away oranges and avocados.

I've been checking for asparagus shoots. They should be coming up soon.  We have lots of rhubarb, and the plants that I grew from seed are now sending our leaves as well.  Just planted a redder rhubarb too, so now we have four rhubarb plants--should be enough!