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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wisteria and More Fruit Tree Pruning

Yesterday we worked more on the pruning.  With 37 fruit trees, there is a lot of pruning required at this time of year.  The apples in front are done, but the two in the back remain.  The large, old wisteria plant received quite a pruning back yesterday. It had become ungainly. For years it was shared with the neighbors, although the plant is rooted on this side.  Then, awhile back, the neighbors decided they did not want it on their side, so we've been trying to train it along the fence, but it just has not been cooperating well. Maybe because it was on the other side (primarily) for so many years.

Jonathan worked at pruning the right side of the wisteria, and then after this rain we will work on the left side.  It would be nice if it still created some privacy along with its beautiful blooms.

Later, Jon worked on the avocado tree. We get lots of Bacon avocados this time of year, but the tree itself has grown far too tall, so he cut it back a little.

During the week I worked on the plum tree in front, the apples, the grapes, and started on the apricot tree. I'm a little insecure about the Blenheim apricot--turns out it is a full sized tree and growing very well, but I think from what I've read that I should prune it back quite a bit. The resource I'm reading says to prune back last year's branches.  How do I figure out which are last year's though. I guess I should tie markers onto the fruiting branches or something this year. It doesn't appear that you can tell anything from the spurs on the branches...