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Saturday, June 12, 2010


In the above photo, the cauliflower looks kind of small, but it is actually a typical grocery-store-sized one. I was surprised we had this perfect cauliflower growing in our winter vegetable garden.  I thought that a green cabbage just had some ungainly, wild leaves, and that the head wasn't forming correctly.  I peeked inside the leaves yesterday and discovered this full, 8-inch cauliflower growing happily inside.  Today we picked the head and we'll eat it tonight, probably steamed with a little butter and salt.

The leaves are so healthy looking with very little cabbage moth infestation.  We can use the giant leaves in a stir fry too, or feed them to the chickens.

Here's another view of the cauliflower in the garden, just before cutting:

Friday, June 11, 2010

We harvested our first red cabbage

We harvested our first red cabbage last weekend and planned on making both coleslaw and some sweet and sour cabbage with it.  We got the cabbages in kind of late this winter, so the harvest time is later than usual and the cabbages are a bit smaller than in years past.